A hardwood found in the depth of the Asian rain forest, Mangrove Wood is an ideal hide-out for catfish, loaches and shrimps.

Finger Root

Finger Root is an exclusive and sought after wood type which grows in tropical conditions. It is very good for growing java fern, java moss and plants in general, giving your tank or vivarium an authentic aesthetic appearance.

Barnacle Clusters

Our hand-joined clusters use 100% natural Barnacles and can elevate the look of any tank, providing an interesting playground for small tank fish.

Lava Arch Rock
Spaghetti Arch Rock
Spider Web Arch Rock
Rainbow Arch Rock
Red Lava Aquatic Rock
Red Jasper Aquatic Rock
Rose Quartz Aquatic Rock
Sunstone Aquatic Rock
White Quartz Aquatic Rock
Green Quartz Aquatic Rock
Galaxy Black Aquatic Rock
Wooden Stone Aquatic Rock