Mopani Wood

Mopani Wood is ideal for use in a freshwater aquarium. Naturally sourced, Mopani is treated, dried and sandblasted, taking on the appearance of weathered driftwood. It creates a beautifully natural centre piece in any aquarium, and each piece is 100% natural, and therefore 100% unique.

Corbo Root

Corbo root is the perfect addition to any aquarium for anyone with fish who like to hide and explore, such as Cat Fish. 

Slate Mounted Root

Sourced from the tropical pan-Asian rainforest our slate mounted root offers a stunning centrepiece for any aquarium or vivarium. Mounted on slate for easy submersion beneath gravel or substrate. Also suitable for reptiles. 

Rose Quartz Aquatic Rock
Sunstone Aquatic Rock
White Quartz Aquatic Rock
Green Quartz Aquatic Rock
Galaxy Black Aquatic Rock
Wooden Stone Aquatic Rock
Iced Rock
Flat Slate

Carefully sorted and chosen our flat slate pieces can be stacked and manipulated to create stunning underwater features. Whether it be a simple tropical aquarium or a Japanese style aquascape, these striking grey flat slate pieces will add a whole new dimension to your tank.

Ocean Rock

Add our Ocean Rock to your aquarium set-up for an instant visual impact! The addition of this natural rock, with its unique abstract shapes, will create a stunning feature that fish can meander and explore.