Pettex Premium Grey Cat Litter

Pettex Premium Grey Cat Litter benefits from a unique sieving system that boosts the already excellent clumping powers. The Pettex original formula helps create a more economical dust free cat litter, while the natural minerals have sufficient odour control to clamp down on those unpleasant smells. As if that wasn’t enough, the unique super clumping properties helps the damp patches in the litter to form distinguishing clumps that can be removed and dispensed with ease

Pampuss Wood Pellet Cat Litter

Pampuss Woodpellet Cat Litter is light to handle and easy to dispose of. The pine fresh pellets are environmentally friendly, sourced naturally and made from 100% biodegradable residue wood material, that has been processed and pelletised with no glue or additives. Superior dust extraction means paws and fur stay clean, pleasing cats and owners alike. The pine fresh aroma releases a pleasant and fresh scent to effectively tackle any unwanted smells in your home

So-Kleen Grey Cat Litter

So-Kleen Grey Cat Litter is ideal for the price conscious consumer, with effective clumping and odour control, it is suited to the higher volume user. An economical version of our Premium Grey, So-Kleen is a clumping litter that quells unpleasant odours effectively

Silica Crystal Cat Litter

Silica Crystal Cat Litter is an innovative product that has unique absorption qualities, taking in liquid but remaining dry to the touch, as well as neutralising unpleasant odours. Specially designed granules contain countless micro-pores which instantly soak up moisture, keeping your cat’s litter tray cleaner for longer. The concentrated urine is retained within the granules, but the water content is allowed to evaporate off, meaning that each granule becomes dry again and continues to work actively in the tray. Whilst absorbing moisture strong odour molecules stay bonded in the crystals, inhibiting bacterial growth and quelling unpleasant aromas. Our chunk style granules are sized to eliminate the messy tracking associated with many standard type or pearled litters. The chunk granules reduce tracking and in turn make the tray area a more hygienic environment for both you and your cat

EkoPet Micropore Granule Cat Litter

EkoPet Micropore Granule Cat Litter is a new addition to the Pettex Cat Litter range. It is a superlight non-clumping hygienic cat litter, where each granule contains thousands of fast acting micropores, quickly absorbsing liquid like a sponge and trapping unpleasant odours. EkoPet instantly locks in all liquid resulting in bacteria being controlled more effectively than conventional lightweight litters, ensuring cats well-being and contentment. Additionally, it has a special additive with antibacterial action to reduce the unpleasant odour of cat’s waste

Pettex Naturecat Plant Based Tofu Cat Litter

Pettex Naturecat Tofu Cat Litter is plant based and derived from pure soya bean. Free from additives, non-toxic and produced using a blend of Tofu and natural starches, our litter it is also great at neutralising unwanted odours, with its unique fresh aroma. Friendly to the Planet and 100% natural, Naturecat is a sustainably sourced, eco-cat litter that was developed for fast absorption, super clumping and low tracking. Soft on paws and lightweight to handle, our Tofu litter takes the strain away from dealing with your cats litter box. The natural properties of Naturecat allow for soiled litter to be disposed of in an eco way, by either compost or WC flushing

Lightweight Antibacterial Cat Litter

Lightweight Anti-Bacterial Cat Litter is a highly absorbent and natural mineral, white in appearance, extremely lightweight and has superior absorption abilities. With a clean and fresh aroma this anti-bacterial also controls odours effectively

Clean Paws Microgranule Cat Litter

Clean Paws Microgranule Cat Litter has easy waste separation abilities making it great for your pocket. It’s unique clumping ability is proven to make this litter last up to four times longer, accompanied by a natural scent and dust free properties. Clean Paws micogranule grains will also quell unpleasant and unwanted odours and originates from the only natural source of Sodium Bentonite in the world