Cage Proud Bird Sand

Superfine bird sand is suitable for all types of birds, commonly used on the floor of cages and aviaries to enable easy cleaning. Added oyster shell aids digestion and provides essential nutrients.

Mixed Bird Grit

Aids digestion and vitality in all types of birds. Includes flint grit for grinding, limestone grit & crushed sea shells for calcium, and charcoal for sweetening

Chicken & Poultry Grit

Chickens need grit to help digest their food, especially if in captivity. Comprised of soluble calcium grit and hard, insoluble grit, for healthy and strong shelled eggs

Oyta Oyster Shell

The best possible source of calcium for laying hens, the calcium from Oyster Shell is released gradually into the bloodstream and is 100% digestible. It is an essential part of any birds’ diet to guarantee strong shelled eggs