Beech Chips

Produced from sustainable pure kiln dried Beech Wood, this substrate can be used equally in dry or humid environments. Heat treated to reduce bacterial contamination and improve absorbency makes it an ideal bedding for all snakes and lizards, whilst also being suitable for birds, insects, and small animals.

Orchid Bark

A moisture retaining substrate made from natural bark, this substrate is ideal for all rain forest or tropical living species. Heat treated to eradicate micro-organisms Orchid Bark is the perfect environment for snakes, tropical reptiles, invertebrates and amphibians who require a humid atmosphere.

Aspen Fibre

Produced from sustainable pure kiln dried Aspen Fibres, this substrate is soft and highly absorbent. A popular choice for herpetoculturists as bedding or nesting material, natural burrowing behaviour is encouraged by this heat treated and odourless fibre.

Herbivore Bedding

A pressed organic pellet that is highly absorbent and effective at suppressing odours. This hygienic product is 100% natural and biodegradable, perfect for all terrariums that are home to Tortoises, Iguanas and alike. Herbivore Bedding is also non-toxic and therefore is safe if it is digested

Calci Sand

Produced from 100% Calcium, this substrate lends itself to reptiles who originate from desert or arid habitats. If eaten it is unlikely to cause gut impaction and actually provides a good source of calcium due to it being made from pure natural limestone, which can be absorbed by a reptile’s body if consumed

Desert Sand

A reptile friendly sand substrate that mirrors the natural arid habitat of any desert dwelling species. Desert Sand is an excellent heat conductor that stimulates natural digging and burrowing behaviour, whilst also being suitable as an egg-laying substrate

Tortoise Bedding

Produced from a special mix of high quality top soil and sand, with added Calcium for bone growth and maintenance, our Tortoise Bedding has been created to meet the needs of tortoises originating from arid habitats, particularly Mediterranean and Russian Tortoises. Its texture and moisture retention replicates the environment they need perfectly

Coco Fibre

A moisture retaining substrate made from coconut husk this 100% natural substrate is ideal for creating a familiar environment for any reptile. Dry and odourless in its original form, a spray of water will create a prefect tropical dwelling substrate, compared to a desert terrarium setting in its arid state. The fibre will hold and maintain moisture better than most other beddings and also makes for an invaluable incubation medium

Coloured Calci Sands

With the same key features as the popular Calci Sand, Coloured Calci Sands offer the opportunity to provide your terrarium with a vibrant blast of colour. Made from 100% Calcium a small amount of non-toxic dye is added to enhance the visual impact of the arid habitat