Chinchilla Dusting Powder

Believe it or not Chinchillas clean themselves by rolling in dust! This fine powder has been specially developed to keep their fur clean, soft & tangle-free. Made from a natural mineral called Sepiolite, the dust keeps unwanted dirt and grease off of your Chinchillas shiny coat.

Pettex Meadow Hay

Farm fresh Devonshire Hay, harvested from old fashioned and protected meadows produces a soft and palatable quality Hay that is bursting with essential vitamins. It is left in longer strands for easier burrowing and to retain its natural goodness

Pettex Barley Straw

Farm fresh Devonshire Straw is an unmolested by-product of the finest freshly harvested barley crops. Golden in colour and soft to the touch, our dust free Straw is the perfect cosy bedding for any small animal, enhanced by its fresh and sweet aroma

Recycled Shredded Paper Bedding

A perfect snug and warm choice, small animals love nest building in this 100% finely shredded recycled paper, which is also fully biodegradable


An alternative product to fibre bedding is Neetnest Paper bedding. Made from hygienic paper strips which are ideal for nest building and retaining natural warmth.


Made from a j-cloth type material Sleeptyex strips are high in absorbency, helping to maintain a hygienic cage. The material is also the perfect medium for your pet to create a warm and cosy nest

Small Animal Wood Pellet Litter

Our dust extracted wood pellets are a perfect bedding and litter for a host of small animals. They are dust extracted and highly absorbent, whilst also being biodegradable and free from additives. If you have Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Ferrets, Chinchillas, Degus, Chipmunks, Hamsters, Gerbils or Mice then this is perfect bedding for you and your furry friends!